NexGen Virtual Office

The Digital Work Space That Brings Teams Together

NexGen Virtual Office is a revolutionary digital office focused on creating PLACE and PRESENCE, making togetherness possible even when you’re apart.

All-In-One Digital Workplace Solution

Beautifully designed, custom digital offices for remote teams and schools with real-time in-office status, 1-click secure video conferencing, advanced chat, and more. 

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Lack of connection is costing you time and money.

A custom digital office can bring company Culture and Engagement to your remote team.

Missing from most digital office platforms is the presence of visible company culture. With NexGen Virtual Office’s customization options increase team engagement and the presence of Culture. Customization options include custom floor plans, room function and design, company branding, custom bots, and more. 

Get Your Virtual Office

steps to setting up your Own NexGen Virtual office

1. Request a Demo

Request a demo today by filling out a short form.

2. Envision Your Space

See how NexGen’s digital space can best fit your needs through a live demo and discuss a customized solution and pricing.

3. Start Being Together

Our team sets up your custom virtual office with the floor plan of your choice, and your team’s information so you can start being ‘together’ with your team again every day.

The Best Digital Workplace for Successful Distributed Teams 

With NexGen Virtual Office’s cutting edge placeware, you can remove the barriers of physical and virtual distance and simply be together. 


  • Interactive Office Floor Plan
  • Encrypted Video Conferencing
  • Simultaneous Screen Sharing
  • Guest Experience with custom lobby
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Chat File Sharing and Document Storage
  • Application Console  
  • Custom Floor Plans and Branding
  • Custom Rooms with easy access to any video conferencing tool


Feel Together in the 'Same' PLACE

Real-Office Floorplans showing who is in the office and if they’re available, whether their door is locked or if they are in the break room.

Know Where Everybody Is with Real-Time PRESENCE

Secure Encrypted Video Conferencing to allow both planned and spontaneous interactions to take place in any room or office at any time.

Collaborate With One Of A Kind Multi-Screen Share

Simultaneous Screen Sharing allows multiple participants to share their screens at the same time in a meeting, in a training room, or in a conference.

Invite Guests to Your Personalized Office

Our platform allows unlimited Guest Visits to facilitate the use of your customized digital workplace for client meetings, consulting engagements, sales presentations, guest trainers drop-in visitors.

Encourage Spontaneous Social Engagement

In addition to our one-click video meetings that allow coworkers to ‘pop in’ and have a quick chat, our full-featured Chat and File Sharing allows social engagement to happen naturally and quickly within our platform adding audio chat, video chat, and custom chat channel management, all encrypted and secure.  

Access All of Your Applications and Tools At Your Fingertips

Our Application Console puts all of your favorite tools and applications into one place in your office or room.

We know remote team engagement is hard to achieve.

We get it. Engagement is hard to manage or even measure with a remote team, especially if it’s newly distributed. NexGen Virtual Office’s cutting-edge Prop Tech platform was created for this sole purpose: to drive engagement through creating a sense of connection using what we call both ‘PLACE’ and ‘PRESENCE.’ 

Place + Presence = Connection

NexGen Virtual Office delivers remote team engagement through connection with a real-time interactive floor plan, where user status is always on, making people feel like they are really together. The beautiful and functional platform encourages spontaneous interactions among distributed team members without the need of any outside platforms or third-party tools.

NexGen Virtual Office makes it easy to connect with your remote team.

Feel together in the same place with your team at NexGen Virtual Office where people go to work every day. Your custom digital space is built with your culture and branding in mind and is outfitted with reliable and easy to use video conferencing, chat and screen share. 

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NexGen Virtual Classroom

We’ve extended NexGen’s virtual real estate into the classroom – for grades 4-12, job training, community colleges, and universities.








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