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Learn how companies are using NexGen’s Virtual Office platform

NexGen Virtual Office, the leading SaaS virtual real estate (digital office) platform, connects people to a place; and drives brand affinity and loyalty.

NexGen Virtual Office is a flexible and custom-designed virtual real estate platform that can be applied to nearly every organizational type and industry (including the now-crucial virtual education space) to bring people together in an online ‘place’ that truly creates connection by utilizing virtual collaboration and personal touch.

See how our clients use NexGen Virtual Office

We are proud to have clients that are using NexGen Virtual Office platform in countless unique ways, including:  


A distributed team sources unique, high-quality talent from around the world quickly and affordably while developing a highly engaged team in their hybrid physical and digital work space.


Call Center

BPO Call Center lowers the attrition of their work-from-home agents by giving them virtual workspaces where they can engage with other agents and call center staff via video and chat.



The co-working space creates a virtual PLACE & PRESENCE that brings people together.


Small Business

A Landscape Architect expands to new markets and reduces project timelines by sharing landscape designs online to prospects and clients who visit the virtual office.



Consulting Firm

A consulting firm increases client retention and project growth by spending more quality time, albeit virtual, with their customers.

Job Training

An online coding school avoids disruption from Covid -19 by moving students and faculty of 10 – campuses to a virtual learning environment in under 1 week.

Agile Development Team

Align uses adaptable floor plans to give scrum masters maximum flexibility to change team composition and information flow as projects demand.



A law firm increases innovation through cross-pollinating knowledge by organizing lawyers and support staff on the virtual floor plan by practice versus geography.



A university’s MBA program used NexGen to replace in-person classes, case sessions, and study groups by recreating the lecture halls and commons in the virtual floor plan. 


A limited partner fund has its annual conference in NexGen with tradeshow booths for entrepreneurs exhibits and a conference floor with presentation and breakout rooms for hundreds of participants. 

Customized Placeware

NexGen Virtual Office can be easily configured for a variety of remote teams, business models and workflows

NexGen Virtual Office creates a “place” where teams can work remotely every day to connect with their colleagues and friends. NexGen Virtual Office includes visual “presence” features like a heads-up display map where users can see, in real time, who is “in the office” and what their status is (i.e., available, busy, at lunch, etc.). Users are also able to spontaneously connect through voice, chat, screen sharing and video, and can even teleport from office to office to meet with their colleagues.

An Unmatched Solution

NexGen lover Mark Huckabee shares his experience:

“I have been using NexGen Virtual Office for the last 6 months and I must say it is the most natural remote working solution I have ever seen.

I’ve been a remote worker for 20 years (quite a bit before the current situation everyone is in). I’ve always felt that I missed out on “watercooler” and “drive by” conversations. I never know when anyone else is open to an impromptu meeting nor do they know when I am…”

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When we do get together on calls and video conferences there’s no context. Is this a casual discussion? A formal presentation? A training session? You need clues to moderate your behavior and they aren’t there.

Early in the workday or late I never know if people are still available. Are they ready to work with me or are they off getting their kids ready for school? NexGen Virtual Office solves all of this. I can immediately see who is “in” the office. I can see if they are open to being disturbed or not.

I can see that Sally and Masood are in Keisha’s office and I might want to join in. I can “go” to her office and share my latest work on our proposal with them. I can see that Jerry is teaching a class and Doreen is briefing the Board so I should not disturb them. If Doreen sends me a chat and asks me to join her in the presentation I know immediately that in the board room I should be more formal.

You can’t get any of this with Skype or Zoom or WebEx or GoToMeeting. For a remote worker NexGen Virtual Office provides the ultimate “context” for everything you do.

Company TrekSecure meeting virtually in their Walkabout Workplace custom remote office.

An Efficient & Unique Place

Matthew Hiller, President & Founder of TrekSecure shares his experience: 

After trying almost every online meeting tool, we are excited to now be using NexGen Virtual Office exclusively for our online meetings and for our collaboration within TrekSecure.

NexGen is an entirely different experience for users, completely secure with encryption and more functionalities than anything else we’ve tried.

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It’s also a more personal experience. It’s remarkable how everything combines to create an environment that makes remote meetings and collaboration so much more efficient and pleasant for users.

I highly recommend taking a look at NexGen. It’s fantastic and we’re excited to have moved into our own unique office space.

The Results Are In

People that are connected to their distributed team and the company they work for end up being happier, more engaged, and most importantly, highly productive. NexGen enables business agility through engaged teams; and the result is lower attrition and higher profitability.  NexGen turns every home into an office.

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