Where are you working? Office? Home? Coffee-shop? Co-working space?

Before COVID, hybrid, remote, or work from anywhere models were still a few years down the road from catching on. Now, in this “Great Resignation” era, employers are having to incorporate some flexibility into where their employees work, or they risk losing talent.

Many employers have figured out their hybrid/remote work policies but others have not. However, whether employers have or have not outlined their hybrid/remote plans, they are still missing two critical components of a solid Hybrid (or 100% remote) Work Model: Place & Presence.

Place - Log in to Work

1. Place

People want a “Place” to be with other people, but that might not be your company’s office building.

Employees are working from almost anywhere, but even if they are not in the physical office, they still want to be part of the community and culture of a company.

What’s the solution?

Currently, employers are providing a bunch of tools to connect employees, but by doing this, they are not factoring in “Place”.

In the physical office environment, you would go to a meeting room to do a group presentation, and then, you may go back to your office, the break room for some water, or to your boss’s office for a one-on-one.

On a video conferencing platform, there is no change in context. All the meetings blur together, and your brain disengages (aka Zoom Fatigue).

You need a “Place” to go! And, a virtual office, like NexGen Virtual Office, is a perfect solution!

We can help you replicate your physical office environment (“Place”) so that your employees/teams feel present and connected at all times, and community and culture thrive.

Presence - Interactive Floor Plan

2. Presence

Hybrid work environments can be very beneficial for companies, but employees can feel isolated from their peers.

This feeling of isolation can cause productivity to diminish and innovation to suffer.

You may have figured this out, but innovation is not something you schedule.

It happens spontaneously, and all these remote working tools are not really helping.

What’s the solution?

Visibility and immediate access are the solutions.

Employees need to see each other when they start working and connect with a colleague for questions or a brainstorming session.

A virtual office, like NexGen Virtual Office, provides an interactive floor plan that connects employees instantly and creates a sense of “Presence”.

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