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NexGen Virtual Office is an All-In-One Digital Office Platform

Beautifully designed digital offices for remote teams and schools with real-time in-office status, 1-click secure video conferencing, advanced chat, and more.

The Best Digital Office Software for Distributed Teams 

Connection Is Needed Now More Than Ever

People that are connected to their distributed team and the company they work for end up being happier, more engaged, and most importantly, highly productive. 

With NexGen Virtual Office, you can remove the barriers of physical and virtual distance for remote online teams and simply be together.

NexGen turns every home into an office.

in-demand FEATURES

  • Interactive "walkable" office floor plan
  • One-click video conferencing & screen sharing for up to 500 people
  • Advanced chat, including text, voice, video, file sharing, and document storage
  • KPI reporting tools 
  • Guest Experience with lobby & AI assistant
  • Launchpad for your tech stack
  • Branded & custom-designed floor plans, offices, training rooms, cafes, and more


A case for Hybrid office models

A digital office is not something suited solely for remote teams. In fact, many companies with physical real estate choose to add virtual real estate platform to create a hybrid model. Why? A hybrid model of physical and virtual real estate says ‘No matter where I go, I take my office with me.’ 

Place + Presence = Connection

NexGen Virtual Office delivers remote team engagement through its countless digital interaction and productivity features. This all-in-one remote office platform encourages spontaneous interactions among distributed team members without the need of any outside platforms or third-party tools.

How NexGen Virtual Office Creates PLACE

Reinforced Culture

Branded building and office resources reinforce your culture and direction

Personalized Comfort

Feel at home in your space with custom offices you design

Guest Reception

Treat guests and recruits like VIPs with a virtual receptionist to greet and take messages

Work App Convenience

Application console to store your most important applications and content for quick access.

How NexGen Virtual Offices Facilitate PRESENCE

Interactive Floor Plan

Watch people move around your office with the interactive floor plan

Visual Status

Personal avatars with real-time status updates visible at all times

One-Click Visits

One-click lets you move to other people and rooms spontaneously

Lock Feature

Let people know when you’re busy with a high-visibility locked door

Real-Time Notifications

Stay present with real-time browser and email notifications (SMS available in some locations)

How NexGen Virtual Office Users Feel CONNECTION

Feel Part of a Whole

Corporate branding connects your people to your company helping them to feel a part of something bigger

High-Quality Video Calls

High-quality HD video, audio, and screen share in every room for up to 10 people on video

Advanced Messaging

Chat with direct and group messages, private and open channels, video messaging and more features to make communicating fast and easy

Conference Rooms

Group rooms for up to 50 people on video

NexGen Virtual Classroom

We’ve extended NexGen’s virtual real estate into the classroom – for grades 4-12, job training, community colleges, and universities.

Ranked #1 Virtual Workplace Software for Client Satisfaction on G2.com

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